The Remix Tapes

by Seve Vs. Evan

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released December 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Seve Vs. Evan Orem, Utah

Severin Bozung & Evan Sharp - synth & drums - real legit stuff from Utah

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Track Name: Angry Unicorn Queen
Fight robot fight I know that you'll win. I've got a cyborg-ed eye that sees infra-red.

[chorus] And I swear on the stars that are above I'll write this epitaph for love. I'll make it only for those eyes who wear that clever blue disguise. Don't you see that I love you my sweet albino queen. You can make it in the movies, I can make it in my dreams. I'll fly a rocket to the stars.

Fight cowboy fight I know you won't lose. You've got blue chaps and spurs on your boots. This show girl's done she's milking all the cows. Well her laser beams and microchips won't save her now.
Track Name: Albert
Is there a science behind all my mistakes? I asked my buddy Einstein if he’d help me equate. And now he’s drawing circles on my living room floor. Eternity was calling just the timing was poor.

[chorus] Well you know, I cannot find my way home. All I can find are these dead end streets. You said they'd grow and they'd mold. You said you’d find your way back to me.

Circus performers flying on the trapeze. Communications lost in Japanese. I'm watching anime and trying not to cry. Because I saw you kissing on some other guy.

A technological advance into space. A satellite could count the tiny wrinkles on your face. And now I'm left with nothing better to do then analyze a recent conversation with you.
Track Name: Company
Wanted a friend, wanted so badly. Don't understand why I'm so madly in love with a girl she don't have to be pretty. Makes me purr like a kitty, at the touch of her hand. She puts my head in the clouds. She is the oxygen I can't live without. I breathe her in don't want to breathe out. Hold my breath for as long as I can, and keep making my wishes that I'll be her man.

[chorus] And I found comfort in her arms, only sometimes with company. I found comfort in her kiss, a stroke of genius brushes across my cheek. Look into my heart to see, is she the one for me? Look into my memories, is she the one for me?

Whistling a tune so sad and so dreary. My eyes are all teary cause she's moving away to a cottage in the hills, next to Buffalo Bills. She's popping those pills just to get through the day. And now that night's falling I wait for her calls, I hear your sweet voice but it's only in my head. No longer hear the birds chirping, just myself slurping every morning in the corner of my favorite café.

Girl after girl, night after night, feeling so lonely none of them can survive. Cause she's still in my head she's still wandering around, and nothings been said for a year and a half. But I keep on trucking keep on looking for my lover, when my lover always seems to be a corner ahead. So I sit in my corner day after day. When I know my lovers out there just a second away.
Track Name: Carnival Funhouse
The way out is the way in, go back to the very beginning. I know my life's not over, just walking along the border. I'm accountable for the message I tried to send. I threw that bottle overboard when the walls began to give. And I don't care if the world knows about the love that's in my heart. That's just the kind of publicity Ive always wanted to live on when were apart.

[chorus] And love is a feather, blowing in the wind. It's not as easy as a cold to catch, but it's one of life's greatest gifts. And I hope my bottle finds you, it contains my entire soul. I hope you read that letter, and let the whole world know.

I do want to be what you don't want, but you don't want to see what you can't hunt. Don't over react it's just love, it's not enough to be scared of. Where's the mystery behind door number one. The Carnival's Funhouse mirrors have shown me what you've truly become. And I don't care if the world knows about the secrets you've tried to hide, If worse comes to worse you can still expect to find me standing by your side.

One for the fellas, let me hear you scream. Babes come dance with me. One for the ladies, lets retaliate. No way Jose.

And you can be my philosopher, if I can ride your dinosaur.
Track Name: Slow Poke
And you know for me to stay. It would compromise everything I’ve done to stay sane. If it matters how I fare. You would kiss me and you would care. Yet I don’t have a reason for the way that I feel. I’ve had enough that I’m permanently scarred. It’s the bottom of the bottle down to one last pill. My remains will be a work of art.

[chorus] I’m a joke, I’m a joke, I’m a heart broken slow poke. Cause the things you say just don’t make any sense in this world of mine. Never mind, what I do or do not write, cause my lyrics don’t mean a damn to your type.

I will turn my head away. In disgust but mostly shame. I’m embarrassed I love you still, like a hamster and his wheel. Today I really went crazy I was losing my mind, I carved a heart into my chest. It was a sticky situation but now I feel fine. It's all because of my emotional distress.
Track Name: Stranger
So you say you’re a dancer, are you busy again tonight? Should I hire a secretary to schedule you into my life? Have you thought about me since the last time we met? Suffering from paranoia, can't tell if you’re really legit.

[chorus] I don’t want to celebrate yet cause clearly you’re not mine. It will take a train wreck to stop me I’m dying, babe I’m dying. And swy, oh swy, did it have to be me? Don’t play with my heart it's too fragile and weak. And stranger, stranger, you’re wearing me down paint a picture of love without bounds. A picture of us in the clouds. And I tried to be funny, charming, clever, and smart I just want you to love me, but I’m falling apart. It gets harder and harder each day that goes by I feel farther and farther behind. Farther and farther behind.

And they say that the people are crying for blood, let my enemies fight it out. And they say that this girls not looking for love, well I think I can figure her out.

Buying all sorts of presents, for the birthday I don’t know exists. The FBI has got evidence, still nobody knows when it is. These ivories are making my thumbs bleed, I play them for days at a time. Turning my thoughts into melodies, and making my melodies rhyme.

And look at that bastard he’s stealing my girl! I can't live with the pressures of no love in return. If you want me to go, just tell me to go and I’m gone, I am gone. Stranger it sure has been fun.

And they say that the people are crying for blood, let my enemies fight it out.
And they say that this girls not looking for love, well I think I can figure her out.
Track Name: Little Red and Wolfie B.
I'll strike a match and watch the woods burn down where she obviously hides. In her little red cloak and basket complete with goodies inside. On my way to grandmother's house she stopped to ask me my name. So I ate her grandma and put on her clothes just to see her again.

[chorus] Why are your ears so large? Your teeth are razor sharp. I see it in your eyes. You're going to eat me alive.

There's more to be explained, what I can't get out of my head you really had no regrets. It's more then up to me, Never have to say a thing your face is just too damn pretty for me to concentrate. Why, why, why am I in love with the girl I ate? Why, why, why am I a wolf?

In the forest I hid, and I cried, and I cried cause I ate Little Red. I still remember the rose in her cheeks and the kiss that her lips wouldn't give. I hear the villagers coming their cursing my name, and their searching the clouds. Well I can wiggle and groove, I really know how to move I'll just dance my way out.

Run from the farmers armed with pitch forks and knives! It's a crime, a crime! Run from the farmers armed with pitch forks and knives! It's a crime, a crime!
Track Name: Night of the Lonely Cowboy
Dress up for the party, dress up in a bow tie. Make yourself look naughty, wear that dress to catch his eye. And then he'll love you, maybe I still love you, maybe I don't want to, maybe I don't want to try.

[chorus] I can't wait for everyone to come it's late, but I can still have fun although I'm going to be alone.

Listen to the bell toll, listen to the clock strike. Wonder where she's standing? Wonder if she'll make his night? I bet she will cause most the time she's flaming hot, I can't resist her unless I am locked inside.
Track Name: Take Me Home
And it's up to me, the ordinary archer. It's up to me and Detective Watson to find out all of those clues, to knock you out of your shoes. And it's all ok, when you’re the one who’s talking, it's fine with me if everyone is watching. Put us up on that movie screen, we kiss to good to never be seen.

[Chorus] And I just don’t care if I fall in love. You can take my heart I'll even wrap it up. And you can call me crazy but I just might be. How long are you planning to remain a mystery? Just let me know cause, I love you so much. Don’t want to, take you home. Don’t want to, take you home.

Taking it slow so tired of waiting, I'm scared you know been anticipating. Feel your breath just inches away, can hardly breathe can hardly say. As you can tell I’m still a little nervous, my palms are sweaty, lips forgetting their purpose. Aim for under the nose, make sure my eyes are closed.

Trying to stick around for the girl of my dreams, but her time is running out because she’s not what she seems. I have no idea what that is, thought you’d tell me if we kissed. It's like the roles are reversed she’s apathetic, I’m sensitive. It seems like I’m cursed a million thoughts that are negative. A plague on both our heads, don’t do it Juliet!
Track Name: Seven Seas
I grew this beard, on a life boat built for two. Been sailing the world alone with a portrait of you. I drink all my tears, before I go to bed I sigh. Once again marooned on this desert isle. I am the captain who braved the seven seas. I am your captain at ease.

[Chorus] Whisper to me willows, tell me that it's not my fault. Tell me all the answers, tell me or I'll never know.

Void of all emotion, like a crater on the moon. There were once traces of human life now invisible to you. I left a message but no! Trying to reach the stars with a mega-phone. I am the captain who braved the seven seas. I am your captain at ease.

You see this scar, don't you know I should of died. In the belly of the whale even Jonah cried. Take all my years, and spin them into gold. I'm the richest man the stories never told. I am the captain who braved the seven seas. I am your captain at ease.
Track Name: Mega Bomberman
I can't wait for the moment to come when that moon rises high enough! And all I have to do is reach under the stars for you to come crashing into my arms. Then the moon would lose half its beauty and I would be the only one to blame. Then you would choose all of your suitors but me, and I would be the one that was labeled insane. Where's your make-up losing grandeur. When I wake up he might have her. I could tell when you were smitten. Now she's gone and I am missin' for her.

As foretold in the desolate sand is where you'll find the desert rose. The only way to get across the wasteland is to ride on a Golden Chocobo. And once again I am caught in the wake of a heat wave, as the Ruby crushes my head. And once again Evan's calling me a cheapskate mega-elixirs to revive all the (*recently*) dead. Whisper, whisper in my ear girl. Say those words I long to hear girl. Tell me what it is you do, that makes me fall so in love with you.